instruction for a broken heart

Firstly my dear you have to find your breath. Have you hear yourself breathing?

Second step called AWAKE and be AWARE. Look around, look outside. Where are you standing? What are you seeing? What are you hearing around you? Answer this question. And you don't have to do anything with an answers. You are noting situation around you and that's all.

Be honest with yourself!
What do feel inside you? What are you see inside you? Express it! Write it, draw it, shout it, spell it, sing it, dance it...
You have to be aknowledge about you feeling. Don't be scary and not be shy about your emotion and feeling.
If you need help - ASK!


You are not alone! If you feel it, you have to go to the see! or river, or pond, or forrest, or garden... if everything is unavailable just open a window! Take a deep breath!
Every hour ask yourself:
What can I do for myself feel better?
And do it! Whatever it is...

Everything that you feel is important
You are important
Feel every emotion from top to button


Start looking after people
Start talking with people
Start thinking about their feelings and situations
Start reading about people
Help somebody


YOU ARE already enough

Take a deep breath. Take the first baby step. Then trust.
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